March 28th

Business Finance in UAE

Business Finance is the right choice for upscaling your business to the next level

Business Finance is the right choice for upscaling your business to the next level. Entrepreneurs take finances to tackle unstable cash flow and to expand in a vast scale. Here are a few options:

Bank loans
Having a good credit score and adding collaterals will make you eligible for business finance but interest rates won’t be great. Entrepreneurs prefer the stability that bank loans offer.

Non-bank lenders
Alternatives for bank loans are no-bank lenders which provides companies with financing for their growth. Some even work with startups while not requiring to have bank account.

Private funds
Offering shares in the business is a possibility where you can finance your business. This is often risky for entrepreneurs and startups.

Crowdfunding is a new trend through which financing is done through a social platform where the public contributes to the business. Business ideas are presented in detail and those who are interested can contribute a sum of their choice towards the idea.

Venture capital Fund
Venture Capital or VC Fund is a choice If your market is big enough to generate in investment within a decade. To secure venture capital, you must submit a strong business plan. If interested, the firm or investor will perform due diligence, which includes a thorough investigation of the company, including its business model, products or services, and management.

Bonds is a way that companies borrow money from investors in return of regular interest payments. There is a predetermined maturity date when the bond is redeemed and the investor repaid.

Others include government support where you can get interest free loans which supports small to medium sized investments in UAE but still it depends on nature of business.

Department of Economic Development in Dubai also provides financing options and services. A good experienced local advisor will help you in securing the best one for your business.